The murals that we find on the walls of buildings all over the city embellish the lives of citizens by bringing a touch of color in their lives.

In order for these murals painted on the walls of buildings to withstand the elements, it is essential to properly clean and prepare the surface on which the artist will create their work.

We are seeds, 2021 Claudia Gutierrez

In collaboration with Zibi and Heritage Canada, in 2021, we prepared the surface of the wall of the building located at the corner of Eddy and Alexandre-Taché in Gatineau. This 47 feet x 26 feet (14 meters x 9 meters) surface served as a canvas for the Latino-Canadian artist, Claudia Gutierrez.

This public art piece is called “We are seeds

The preparation of this surface was done by sandblasting; an effective technique to remove old layers of paint, varnish, contaminants or dirt. Our painters have the skills and techniques to prepare the surface according to the profile identified in the plans and specifications.

Once the surface preparation was done, our house painters applied a primer to allow the paint to adhere to the surface. They are experienced in working at heights using scissor lifts.

The safety of our employees is paramount, especially in conditions of work at height requiring a lashing system. The inspection of fall protection equipment is therefore essential. This is why we have invested in training for our employees with the acciSST Group. We make sure that this training is renewed annually. To ensure that all our employees understand the importance of having a safe environment, we have trained one employee to become an acciSST trainer.

Surface preparation - priming

For the members of Groupe P.F. Brisson Peinture Inc., painting is much more than a simple service. It is a passion, a desire to embellish the lives of our customers, cities and their citizens. We devote ourselves day after day to fulfill this mission.