At Brisson Peinture, as a painting contractor, we believe it is important to do our part and implement sustainable development practices.

Since we have the protection of the environment at heart, we are assisted by Good 4 Global, a social enterprise in the Outaouais region, with over 30% of its profits going to charity, which aims to help companies develop a sustainable development plan and policy in line with the 17 United Nations objectives. This association will allow us to implement a strategy that will have a social and environmental impact, with ethical governance and that will be transparent to the public.

As a first action to protect the environment, we promote environmentally friendly and less polluting approaches and processes. We dare to ask questions about the nature of our products to our suppliers, in order to help reduce our environmental footprint.

Working with Good.4 Global is an organizational awareness journey. Led by the founder, Josée Lusignan, this process allows us to grow as a company. Our work with G4G helps us to see where we can make a difference in society. Our annual theme is Evolution, and G4G’s guidance leads us to look at our blind spots to act in alignment with our values, in our community.

Caroline Malo, directrice générale de Brisson Peinture.

In Gatineau, we are among the four pioneer companies to join the Good.4 Global community. We are confident that other companies will follow suit to make our community a better place.

We are implementing a social impact development strategy by putting the well-being of our employees first. Each of our good deeds within our company will have a beneficial impact on the community. We believe that altruism and pleasure are key values in developing a pleasant work atmosphere.

In addition to contributing to the happiness of our employees, we are committed to investing 1% of our sales in charities that are close to our hearts and that will help certain foundations in the region. We want to make a difference in our community. We are currently developing an action plan to this effect.