The institutional sector is primarily comprised of the education, health, and government establishments.

The process of awarding mandates in the institutional sector is very different from other construction sectors. Several steps must be completed before bidding on a tender. Among the most important steps are obtaining certifications, insurances and secret security or reliability clearances. Secret security clearances are essential for work performed in government institutions.

Government projects in the institutional sector are tightly managed and require extensive documentation for final accountability. Our administrative team works with rigor and dedication to facilitate relations with our clients and ensure billing that respects the budget breakdown and the progress of the work.

Our team of professionals allows us to have 35% of the market in the institutional sector to our credit.

Institutional painting mandates are often large-scale projects that span several months or even years. We have the expertise and team depth to ensure continuous quality throughout the project.

The know-how of Brisson Peinture’s professional painters is an important asset for a job as elaborate as institutional painting. Our expertise in the institutional sector allows us to ensure that our clients have an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Because each project is unique and deserves our full attention, we make sure we understand all the intricacies so we can offer a personalized approach to each client.

We have the capabilities and resources to accomplish each project and we value constant communication with our clients. Our essential quality that sets us apart is our reliability.

You can always count on our presence and dedication to make your project a success.


Secondary school 041 is located in the Plateau sector of Gatineau, at the intersection of boulevard de l’Amérique-Française and boulevard du Plateau.


Plateau High School
General Contractor | Pomerleau

  • 43 classrooms
  • 12 000 sq. ft.
  • Surface preparation
  • Diamond grinder
  • Floor leveling
  • Orange peel system

This educational facility will accommodate approximately 800 students when it opens on September 22, 2022. Built on three floors, the school contains 43 classrooms, a double gymnasium, a library and administrative spaces.

Thanks to our experienced estimators who are very familiar with the public bidding process, we were awarded the project by the Centre de services scolaires des Portages-de-l’Outaouais.

In addition to making the most accurate estimate possible, the bidding process in the institutional sector requires the specialized contractor to provide proof that its employees do not have a criminal record. This criterion is not negligible when it is a school dealing with a minor clientele.

Application of an epoxy layer
Surface preparation before applying the epoxy system

That’s why we are very pleased to be able to work with the general contractor Pomerleau by offering our surface preparation and epoxy services in Gatineau.

Our team of painters was responsible for applying the various systems indicated in the plans and specifications to all the classroom floors and hallways. The excellence of our epoxy specialists is the surface preparation. With a properly prepared floor, the epoxy coating will maintain its strength and longevity. The customer will benefit in the long run.