Our expertise is recognized in the commercial, industrial, institutional and civil engineering sectors. Our painters are trained and qualified to paint on all types of surfaces, whether it be interior or exterior, and this on small or large surfaces.

Finishing work

Our experts provide the finishing touches to enhance our clients’ lives by performing finishing work such as wall coverings or acrylic coatings. Our expertise lies in the installation of wallpaper, wood panels or special coverings such as green walls.


Our epoxy coating service is offered in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Our Montreal and Gatineau painters have many years of experience and are CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute) factory certified.


Surface preparation is our specialty. To do so, we have several sandblasting machines that allow us to work powerfully on the most demanding facades. We use this technique particularly on exterior structures and civil engineering projects, such as bridges, footbridges and viaducts

Fire protection

Fire safety is important to us. That’s why our house painters are qualified to apply fireproofing and intumescent coatings in accordance with safety standards. Our architects ensure a thorough inspection so your customers can live safely.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is essential to ensure the quality and durability of paint and coating work. That’s why we take the care and time to properly prepare all surfaces we work on. It is our distinction and our brand.

For us, painting is much more than a simple service. It’s a passion, a desire to make our customers’ lives more beautiful by being dedicated to them day after day.

We are Gold Seal Certified, attesting to our nationally recognized level of experience and skills as project manager, superintendent or estimator.