At Brisson Peinture, we strive to create a team where everyone’s strengths are recognized and put forward.

Efficiency, altruism and fun are key operational values for our team and we rely on listening and consideration in our business relationships, as our clients, business partners and employees can attest.


Embellishing life is our mission and our brand signature. We evoke it, and we live it! Our president Pierre Brisson constantly asks employees how he can make their lives better! In order to identify and implement ideas or programs that are relevant to employees, we send them satisfaction surveys or polls. In this way, we listen to the needs of our employees, which fosters a strong bond of trust and creates a great sense of belonging to Brisson.

We focus our energy and efforts on ensuring that our clients and business partners are completely satisfied with our services. We make excellence our main criterion. At Brisson Peinture, our boots follow our feet!