The commercial painting industry is very vast. It includes interior and exterior painting, finishing and epoxy coating services, among others. Buildings that fall into this category include shopping centers, grocery stores and high-rise condominiums.

As a commercial painting company, the commercial sector represents 50% of our total business. We have a solid reputation in Gatineau, Ottawa and Montreal.

The characteristic of commercial painting in high-rise condominiums is the sheer number of walls, floors, ceilings, doors and door frames to be painted, not to mention the stairwells and stairs. This requires a well-managed team of house painters between interior finishing tasks (cutting) and painting the surfaces with rollers or spray guns.

The foremen ensure that the plans and specifications as well as the technical data sheets of the general contractors and clients are respected. For example, the choice of colors or wall coverings is already established by architects.

Condominium towers also mean parking level floors. This is where our epoxy painters come in. They must carefully prepare the surface using the right equipment such as the blastrac or the diamond grinder depending on the condition of the floors. Then comes the application of the epoxy systems as indicated in the plans and specifications. Brisson Peinture has the advantage of having an epoxy coating expert on its team who is often consulted by the architects of large general contractors.

What distinguishes commercial painting in shopping malls or food court centers from condominium towers is that they welcome their regular clientele during the day. Therefore, interior painting must take place during the night.

It becomes important that the work sites are in perfect control of the dust generated by the surface preparation work or during the application of spray paint.

It is not uncommon for several commercial jobs to be conducted simultaneously. Our project managers have the ability to service multiple clients on a continuous basis.

We have established a solid foundation in the painting industry through our organizational values and professionalism, and we stay on top of the latest techniques to ensure efficient service and impeccable quality.

Our solid skills make Brisson Peinture a company constantly invited to bid on important projects.

One of our strengths is our ability to meet deadlines and budgets.



Canadiens Tower – Montreal
General Contractor | Reliance Construction | Commercial

  • 2 towers
  • 108 floors
  • Wallpaper
  • 18 painters

We have been mandated by Reliance Construction of Canada Inc. to perform the painting, finish coat installation and epoxy coating for the Canadiens Towers 2 (2018) and 3 (2021), located on Saint-Antoine, in front of the Bell Centre, in the heart of downtown Montreal. This is another rental project among others in the commercial sector.

A team of 18 painters was on site to paint the walls, door and window frames, and ceilings on 108 floors, totaling 28,000 hours of work.

In addition to painting, our team of finishers was used to install wallpaper and other wall coverings in apartments, hallways and common areas.

We have several painters on staff, allowing us to adjust our staffing levels depending on the complexity and scope of the job. Our reputation has been built over the years by meeting our deadlines and delivering on time. This is why we judiciously use all the necessary resources to complete our work.


We focus our energy and efforts to ensure that our clients and business partners are completely satisfied with our services. Our corporate structure allows for exceptional quality of execution and diligent administrative service through our recent digital transformation. Our mission is to embellish life for our clients and their business partners.

Although our head office is located in Gatineau, our service offering also extends to Ottawa and Montreal. Each project entrusted to us is based on the strength and professionalism of our teams, the rigorous management and expertise of our market superintendents, as well as the personal involvement of Pierre Brisson, founder of Groupe P.F. Brisson Peinture inc.