Our motto is d’Embellishing Life! This also includes keeping people safe from fire.

That’s why we’ve expanded our professional painting specialty to include a fireproofing service to help reduce, control and minimize the spread of flames in buildings.

All of our house painters are qualified to apply a fire-retardant coating, either cementitious coating or intumescent paint, taking into account the safety standards of the product and the requirements mentioned in the customer’s plans and specifications.


Preparation of cementitious plaster

To apply the cementitious coating, our house painters use versatile, reliable and efficient sprayers.

This thermal barrier, which is applied to exposed steel structures, prevents certain components from catching fire in the event of a fire. This fire protection can be applied indoors or outdoors.

Intumescent paint

Intumescent paint, also known as intumescent coating, is a fire-retardant paint that swells and chars under intense heat, forming an insulating layer that protects the components to which it is applied. Among other things, it maintains the integrity of steel structures and delays their collapse during a fire.

We take people’s safety to heart, which is why all fireproof coatings applied by our house painters are rigorously inspected by our architects to ensure that they meet industry safety standards. A building that is well protected against the spread of flames allows for optimal evacuation of the building’s users.

Intumescent paint inspection

Our expertise is not limited to fireproofing. We also offer painting services on all types of surfaces in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. We also have two teams of painters who specialize in epoxy coating.

With over 38 years as a painting contractor, we have the experience and manpower to cover Gatineau and the Outaouais region, Ottawa, Montreal, Montérégie and more.


Exposed structures covered with fireproof protection


Mont-Bleu High School
General Contractor | Boless inc.

  • 155,000 sq. ft.
  • 60 rooms
  • 8 painters
  • Security clearance

In September 2018, a tornado measuring EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with high winds of up to 265 km/h hit Gatineau hitting Mont-Bleu High School hard. The building was severely damaged by fire and required major renovations.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the renovation as a specialized painting contractor in collaboration with the general contractor Boless Inc.

Schools are part of the institutional sector, so tenders are public. One of the criteria that the specialized contractor must meet, in addition to being the lowest bidder, is to provide proof that its employees have no criminal record. Moreover, this criterion is not insignificant when it is a school dealing with a minor clientele. Obtaining a contract in the institutional sector is therefore a sign of notoriety, but also of security and trust.

Exposed structures covered with fireproof protection

Our services have been required to apply fireproof protection on all exposed structures (beams) requiring a superior quality of execution in order to avoid any apparent defect. This requirement is not an aesthetic issue, but a safety issue. Fireproofing, applied by spraying a cementitious coating, prevents certain components from catching fire in the event of a fire. The quality of work and professionalism of our house painters ensure that our children are safe.

The renovation of Mont-Bleu High School also included the repainting of approximately 60 classrooms and offices, totaling 155,000 square feet. A team of 8 painters worked with the goal of giving the community a new and safe school for their children.

Close-up of cementitious plaster
Spray application of cementitious plaster

Professionalism, integrity and quality are our core values, to which we add in our operations the values of altruism, efficiency and fun. In fact, these values are a way of integrating love, peace and joy in everything we do. Our ultimate aspiration is to humanize construction.