Renowned expertise
in the field

Brisson Peinture accompanies you in your commercial, industrial, institutional or civil engineering epoxy flooring projects. Small or large projects, our team of epoxy flooring professionals located in Gatineau and Montreal will guide you in your decisions and provide ingenious solutions.


Creators of solutions

We have the expertise to ensure the precise application of a solid and protective layer of epoxy flooring. With a variety of products, colours, shades and effects, we add an aesthetic atmosphere to your businesses or facilities.

Our team’s talent lies in the savoir-faire that is expressed in each and every one of our creations. We bring practicality and harmony to life through robust yet elegant epoxy flooring thanks to our epoxy specialists located in Gatineau and Montreal.

We have a wide variety of epoxy flooring services in Gatineau and Montreal including:

  • Metallic coating
  • The orange peel coating
  • The quartz coating
  • Surface Preparation
  • And much more!

Give a second life
to your surfaces

Your surfaces can be a victim of time, abrasion or frequent traffic. Calling on highly qualified personnel to apply durable epoxy flooring in Gatineau and Montreal will ensure the resistance of your spaces. In addition, choosing to purify your environment will create added value.

An idea in mind? Our team of epoxy flooring experts located in Gatineau and Montreal is ready to help you.

A team that listens
to its customers

Brisson Peinture is pleased to have a team located in Gatineau and Montreal with over 30 years of experience and with an unwavering desire to create impeccable projects for you. In addition to being a meticulous and perfectionist team, we are always ready to take on new challenges.

Curious to know more about Brisson Peinture? Discover generations of enthusiasts!

Curious to know more about Brisson Peinture? Discover generations of enthusiasts!



The success of your project
is our priority.